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Recent activities

While I have been neglecting my social media I have been working on music composition. I just got two new software programs and a new iMac.

Synfire is a compositional prototyping program. It allows the import of midi files whose attributes can be extracted and reused as well as allowing new compositions to be created in harmony.  It is expensive, dongle protected and has no demo version. All my reasons not to consider buying it but I did anyway and it really works well. Synfire has really provided me with a compositional framework. See the onsite videos to get an idea on how it works.

Looking at new ways to create midi files I had a deeper look at AC Toolbox and it has proved to be a really useful and interesting way to create music. Its music created from random note generation but which can be controlled with distribution. This means different values for pitch, intervals, velocity etc can be generated over time with statistical probabilities into sections.  The sections can be further combined  into multiple parallel/sequences series.

For example pitch could be developed by :

(1/f-choice 10 (generate-range (major 55) 65))

Which is:

generate notes from a selection of 10 notes with a 1/f distribution  from a list of notes in the major scale from note 55 (G2) to 65 (F3).

There are quite a few distributions which have different ways to specify their parameters to get different results. It is easy to generate random notes into sections. It is harder to sequence  those sections into something which has musical coherence. Thats really not automatic.

AC Toolbox is well documented with a pdf sereis if tutorials and extensive in build indexes of the fuctions.

I find it really interesting to use and I keep finding new ways to use it.

By the way. It is free to use.

AC Toolbox and Synfire  concentrate on the notes and so I connect up Reason and pipe the MIDI values from the programs through the IAC channels. Reason has some limitations in this area (to be detailed later) but I really like the sound especially its pianos

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