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Generic pattern sheet

patten sheet
This is a generic patten sheet I created from a modified TB303 pattern sheet. I got the idea from a post by dyLAB (via createdigitalmusic) on a composition challenge which has TB303 sheet. The details n the sheet did not quite match the available settings on the Bassline app on my iPhone so I started to modify the sheet. Since I also do a lot of work with Maschine I thought a 8 x 16 grid might work better.

In addition to the standard single bar for an instrument the sheet could also be used for multiple instruments. A bass line at the top and a basic drum pattern below just ot sketch out an idea on how they may work together.

If you are working with scenes the first row could be kits and the 1-16 grid could be scene selections

There is a 2 x 3 PDF if any one want one by email.

  1. 21 December 2010 at 8:44 pm

    nice extension of the basic pattern sheet
    might see how it works for ea-1 and er-1

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