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Journal: 3 Jan 11

Theory and Practise: The Breakbeat Bible (Mike Adamo)
– Element 8 – hi hats on all 16th notes
– Element 9 – mixed 8th, 16th and rests for hi hats

Song writing: Variations on Frozen Over (Cold Future) the January pattern on the Acid Box blues blog.

I am using the iPad Rebirth app to get a bit of practise with the song and pattern functions. I need to watch what I press because sometime the sound cuts out.

Hollow Sun Polivoks
Instruments: The Hollow Sun Polivoks is $1 well spent on a well produced Kontakt instrument. The sound is very good though I am not sure how unique. There are 22 instruments all based on a sound taken from an original Polivoks.

My favorite iPad instrument for 2010 is the Korg iElectribe. From an admittedly not very extensive selection I find the iElectribe the most approachable to make music with and one which comes with a great sound. Perhaps it is just where I am at the moment. There are more fully featured synths such as Korg’s own iMS-20 or the Propellerheads Rebirth and more unique interfaces like Aura Flux , all of which which I am also looking at using, but the instrument I pick up to use first is the iElectribe.

 AutomaticGainsay has done some instructional videos on the MS-20 (the hardware one) which can be used to learn about the iMS-20. There is a series on the control panel and the patch panel which really explain a lot. The patch panel goes through each of the main instrument’s points from which you can understand the routing from the sequencer as well. One advantage of the iMS-20 is there can by multiple INs to a plug rather than just the one in the hardware.

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