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Journal: 4 Jan 11

Theory and Practise: The Breakbeat Bible (Mike Adamo)
The Facebook page which links to many of the songs mentioned in the book.

This is using drum pattens in Maschine which I find is good not just for the getting to know drumming patterns but also practise in using the Maschine hardware. (Though I do use step mode.)

Element 10 – kick drum playing more than 2 16th notes in a row
Element 11 – broken 16th note triplets on kick and or snare
Element 12 – unison drumming
Element 13 – super imposing a 3 16th note phrase between the kick and the snare in 4/4 time
and then doing beats with everything.

Going through the manual with iPad Rebirth is making songs with song mode and pattern editing.

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