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Journal: 10 Jan 11

Programming: The idea is to finish off my Global Financial Crises song using the bank stock prices and the LIBOR for percussion. So open up the AC toolbox.

The issue I wanted to program was allocating specific notes to specific times based on 1/16th notes for percussion. So for most electronic dance music on the first, fifth, ninth and thirteenth note a kick will sound. There may be chance where the kick is on other notes such as other odd numbed notes towards the end of the bar.

So I used the function do-the-next-thing, I am working with AC toolbox functions rather than delving into LISP programming. The code for the pitch in a data section which basically goes through the 16 beats and has a random chance of generating a pitch. I did think of using chords to specify combined drums but it is conceptually easier and easy to mix styles if drum types are kept separate.

(act-if (do-the-next-thing '(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16))
= 1 (ratio-choice '(c1 c9) '(10 0)) else = 2 'nil
else = 3 (ratio-choice '(c1 c9) '(50 50))
else = 4 (ratio-choice '(c1 c9) '(30 70))
else = 5 (ratio-choice '(c1 c9) '(10 90))
else = 6 'nil
else = 7 'nil
else = 8 'nil
else = 9 (ratio-choice '(c1 c9) '(30 70))
else = 10 (ratio-choice '(c1 c9) '(10 0))
else = 11 'nil
else = 12 'nil
else = 13 (ratio-choice '(c1 c9) '(10 90))
else = 14 'nil else = 15 'nil
else = 16 (ratio-choice '(c1 c9) '(30 70))
else '(c9))

Sections for Kick, snare, hi-hats etc can be generated and combined in parallel section combinations. This worked well but I need to add other sounds not just the top three based on breakbeats.

Retail: I like the iElectribe so much that I am looking at a hardware Electribe but they sell for $1200 but in the US they retail for $500 pus postage. The only issue is the need for an australian power supply which I may get at Jaycar. However I will wait for NAMM announcements to see if there is any other gear especially the OP-1 from Teenage Engineering

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