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Journal: 11 Jan 11

Project: Global Financial Crises music. This project is a development from my stock prices music which used Microsoft and Apple stock prices to create a song. In GFC there are the stock prices from AIG, Goldman Sachs, Citicorp, Lehman Bros and Morgan Stanley.

Yesterday and today I have been trying to integrate some percussion based on the LIBOR rates at the time with AC Toolbox. While I know more now about AC toolbox and developed a new technique for generating drum parts I did not come up with a satisfactory way to do this. It seemed to be there but then not. So that is on hold and I went back to arranging the financial company stock prices.

Sculpture synth My original aim was to have AIG as cello, Citi, Lehman and Morgan as violins and Goldman as piano. That is still the broad aim but I am experimenting with using the Sculpture synth which come with Logic Studio. It is physical modelling synth which I want to know how to use it well. There is a MacProVideo series by Steve H on the synth which is really good. TerryGuide has two youtube videos on Sculpture as well.

iPad: I picked up the iRig today. It works but not entirely. If I use Amplitube on the ipad and connect the iphone as the instrument into the ipad it works though the free version of Amplitube is very limited. However using the iphone for Amplitube and the iPad for the instrument, which is my goal, then there is no sound. With most of my sound sources on the ipad this is a problem.

Soundcloud: There is a Soundcloud meetup in Melbourne on the 9th of February at Fed Square.

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