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Journal: 17 Jan 11

Project: Global Financial Crises music. I have added the instruments which are modified from Sculpture and the music sounds interesting though its not easy listening. The MacProVideo series on mixing electronica by Olav Basoski was helpful with my simplistic mixing.

It could be my ageing ears or my indifferent speakers but I do not hear any difference between the tone of the Logic EQs and the plugins such as 112db Redline EQ. I am not meaning this facetiously I just cannot hear the difference.

Instruments: I have found the manual online for the Korg MS-20. The main benifit of this is there are pages of diagrams on how to design sounds. This provides a good starting point for design since there are not many presets which come with the iMS-20.

The Automaticgainsay video series on the MS-20 has a lot of information as well.

New tools: I will be busy over the next few months as I just ordered the Electribe from the US at a big saving. I only hope that I can get the plug to convert the electricity. Then with the announcement at NAMM about the Teenage Engineering OP-1 release I ordered one of those. Luckily my wife does not read this blog.

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