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Journal: 7 Feb 11 – Fragments of Chaos and Reason

Project: I was thinking about chaos which lead me to experiment with the chaos generation function in AC Toolbox. The results are on SoundCloud:

AC toolbox settings:

Clock: 120
Rhythm: (convert (roessler 1 0.5 1 6 1) 11 -1 3)
Pitch: (convert (roessler 4 3 1 12 2) 4 c2 c5)
Velocity: mf

Clock: 200
Rhythm: 1
Pitch: (convert (roessler 4 3 1 12 2) 4 c2 c5)
Velocity: mf

Clock: 120
Rhythm: (convert (henon 0.0 0.2 1.4 0.3 10) 500 1.0 4.0)
Pitch: (convert (henon 0.3 0.2 1.4 0.3 1) 500 c2 c5)
Velocity: mf

Clock: (bpm 120)
Rhythm: (convert (logist 0.2 3.9 4 1) 50 1 8 )
Pitch: (convert (logist 0.22 3.8 5 1) 50 c3 c5)
Velocity: (convert (logist 0.22 3.8 5 1) 50 c3 c5)
Note: This is longer at 100 bars. The tune also uses a atmospheric patch which inherently adds a bit more depth.

The result with using these chaos functions is mixed. There is more periodic repetition however there is a fairly narrow range of values in each function which provides continual variation. Often the results just decay to a static line or lines.

Reason/Record: I am getting back into using Reason with Record. A difficulty did arise in trying to record the songs created from external software midi. The solution is:

    • 1. Create an instrument track in record
    • 2. Specify the instrument not the surrounding Record track wrapper as the target for the midi in the advanced settings.
    • 3. Create and name a Mix track
    • 4. Wire the output from the instrument Mix enclosure to the input of the of the new Mix track.
    • 5. Click the little button marked “Rec Source” on the VU meter to record.
    • 6. Create an Audio track
    • 7. Select the Mix channel from Audio sources drop down menu. (It wiuld be easier if the Audio channels had input plugs.)

The sound can now be recorded on the audio channel.It does work but seems fiddly compared to the quick and easy channel selection in Ableton Live.

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