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Journal: 21 Feb 11 – Drums with IF in AC toolbox and English podcasts

Programming Notes This a continuation of work in AC Toolbox to create drum patterns. In a previous blog entry pitches were selected randomly based on position.
The entry today is selecting pitches using a transition table. The pitches are actually used to trigger a MIDI drum maschine. For example if the values for a kick and hi hat are generated (36 38) then the probability of nothing being triggered is 50% and there is a 50% chance of a single kick being triggered. The code follows for the pitch generation:

(act-if (transition (make-conditional-table
// a symbol will be created to indicate what will be played next based on what was played before
'(khh) '(blk 0.5 k 0.5) // blk= blank khh = kick hi hat
'(blk) '(hh 0.3 shh 0.3 khh 0.4)
'(hh) '(blk 0.5 k 0.5)
'(shh) '(blk 1)
'(k) '(hh 0.5 khh 0.5)))
// the symbol is converted to MIDI values
equal 'khh ((36 38))
else equal 'blk 'nil
else equal 'hh '(38)
else equal 'shh '((37 38))
else equal 'k '(36)
else '(37))

This easily create break beat style patterns but is not useful for 4×4 pattern for straight dance where the previous (Jan 10 code) which is more precise on timing.

The transition table was taken from “Night of the Living Baseheads” – Public Enemy- in the “The Breakbeat Bible”

Podcasts My favorite music podcasts are English.

Sound on Sound: A lot like the magazine. Very professionally broadcast with with news items and information on music technology.

Sonic Talk From the Sonic state site. A chat between Nick, various regulars from the music profession and guests on news, music and technology. Casually informative.

DJ History(Bill Brewster) present an eclectic range electronic dance music with a distinctive funky feel.

Perfecto Podcast featuring Paul Oakenfold for the trance hit. Paul’s selections are just better.

All these podcast have 2011 broadcasts and have a good history of producing regularly which is really important.

iTunes is really poor for finding things since it is still based on search within broad musical classifications. For example word searches on “DJ History” listed all podcasts with DJ somewhere in the name or description. There are not enough tags to narrow down the items that you want and there is no time searching so there are many podcasts which have not broadcast for years. Given that most podcasts focus on the current event for their topic there is little historical worth on previous years podcasts.

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