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Journal: 8 March 2011- OSC is not the most reliable

Controls: TouchOsc is the iPad program which has controls allegedly connecting via WIFI to the instruments and DAW on your computer. I say allegedly because not\ matter what I tried I could not establish a connection between TouchOsc and Oscullator which translates the OSC messages to MIDI messages. Using a TouchOSC template, with what I think, are the right connections established there should have values appearing in Oscullator when the TouchOsc controls are moved but there is nothing. It may well be small thing I have missed but i can’t see how or why or what.

I know that Oscullator works because it works with the HecaChrome iPad controller most of the time. Osculator is recognised by Reason as a MIDI controller so that the messages can recorded. (Thanks Peff – see how to )

TouchOsc worked once by connecting directly to Logic Pro Studio with the LogicPad layout. Once.

It is very frustrating when your setup fails but you see others working especially as the hours pass by with no result.

Recording: I was just playing around with Rebirth on the iPad yesterday and recording a song using my DAWs. I really want to like Record but I can’t. It records well enough but the post recording work flow is clumsy especially the audio routing. I think this is partly to do the the effort in trying to simulate cabling with internal routing. In Live especially the audio routing is straightforward by just selecting a drop down box to the channel you want. It is much the same with Logic Pro. In the comparison with Logic and Live for recording I tend towards Logic because of the larger range of audio tools and I like Flex.

However with MIDI, with my AC Toolbox projects for example, I prefer the Live & Reason via Rewire combination. Live because of the straightforward midi routing and midi tools and Reason because I like the instruments. Using rewire also give the option of using VST/AU plugs. I think Reason works well without them.

A lot of mucking about this week with no solid result.

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