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Chords with Nodal

Nodal Chords

Exercise from Ch. 2 of “Composing Music” wanted a chord progression. A single path chord progression could be done but that would not take advantage of the alternative routes in Nodal. There is a bit of difficulty in that the root note needs to send out parallel signals to the others in the triad. This would also mean a parallel sending of signals to subsequent chords which would have many chords simultaneously firing rather than a progression.

The chord itself is a group of 3 modes connected by wormholes. It makes it easier if you use relative note specification e.g. node 1 D3, node 2 +3, node 3 +7. There is one allowed additional edge which is connected to a mute sequentially firing node. This mute node can have multiple edges to other chords which creates the variety of pathways.

The multiple pathways do make it more difficult to follow the basic rules for diatonic chord progressions. It could be solved like the travelling salesman graph type of problem.

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