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MIFF – End of Animal

A remarkable debut, a post-apocalyptic, existential quasi-monster movie on a shoestring budget, it recalls the darker works of Cormac McCarthy with an added supernatural tinge. –Cinephile

End of Animal posterA passive pregnant Korean girl is an a taxi which picks up a stranger in desolate country side. The stranger knows intimate details about the driver and the girl then there is a flash of light and the girl wakes to no working technology and no one else in the car. Nearby houses are abandoned. As the girl attempts to make her way to a rest stop with a working phone she is beset with the few people left. Then there is the strange howling in the distance.

This is a strange film where people don’t really connect with each other despite the difficult situation and as the film progresses they move further apart. The horror aspect of the howls and beast is a weak part of the film with the real horror being the people indifference to each other. There is probably a lot of social Korean context I am missing. It is a well constructed movie that was well paced. It was not boring which is sometimes an issue of film which follow these some what surrealistic themes.

MIFF page

Director: Jo Sung-hee

Release: 2010

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