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Mapping Eve Online to music with Nodal

The Kor-Azor sector

The Lonetrek sector

The maps from Eve Strategic Maps where used as a basis for mapping the systems to Nodal nodes. The pitch was set be security level;. In the case of Kor-Azor the installations modified the basic pitch. In the Lonetrek project each installation added a note upwards in the scale. Velocity was set roughly from the amount of asteroids and moons. There is not as much movement in the music and that would entail different pitch choices and even using the paths to modify CC values.

This was the second method thought of  to create music from Eve Online maps. The first idea was to convert Eve system data to Nodal files. Eve system data can be downloaded as SQLite files. These files can be viewed in the Base application and exported as XML.

An Nodal node in pList is :

                <string>{-2372832, -776160}</string>

and from an XML export of the Eve systems table:


But there are a lot of programming issues which are beyond me such as mapping the 7000+ 3D Eve system co-ordinates to Nodal 2D.

This is using Nodal 1.7. Nodal 1.8 has been released and this may present some new ideas.


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