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SOTU – Sounds of the Universe [Hollow Sun]

Sounds of the Universe

Sounds of the Universe

Hollow Sun have finally revealed their true nature as Mandaloria space aliens with their release of SOTU. The device first opens with Mandaloria script and it took multiple explanations to explain to Earthings that a simple option+left click on the editing button would show Roman characters. If this was a intelligence test then Earth failed and I for one welcome our new Mandaloria masters. The device also fails to create wobble bass sounds which shows that the designers at Hollow Sun do not breath oxygen.

In practical terms SOTU comes with over 1 gigabyte worth of samples which are selected randomly from the large glowing control.The settings are straight forward with overall sound edits on the main panel and  secondary panel via the edit button to alter the mix and characteristics of the individual sounds. If you change the sounds the setting will remain the same. Usable even audible sounds generally require long sustains, a least half way along the semi circle slider, and often long notes.

As the individual sample can’t be selected for a patch directly once you have something you like save it as preset otherwise it might be hard to get it back. If you need preset name use one from a star name list. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_proper_names_of_stars)


SOTU is quite easy to use and creates great ethereal spacey sounds which I know one day maybe not today or even tomorrow but someday I know will need.

SOTU is part of the Alien Devices series, costs £15 and really requires a full version of Kontakt : http://www.hollowsun.com/HS2/alien_devices/sotu/index.htm


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