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Sketching Music and Borderlands granular synthesis

27 November 2012 Leave a comment

A sketch composition for borderlands music A few ideas came together for this project. I had been working around the idea of sketching out music compositions. Originally this was thought up to get focus and work out a structure for making songs with Octatrack which then progressed to applying the idea in Propellerheads’ Reason.

The basic idea is to sketch out the major parts of a composition before even using the instruments or DAWs. This gives a compositional goal rather than just playing about with a few bars here and there.

This idea had more relevance when used with some of less structured music apps on the iPad such as Borderlands and Samplr. By working with a structure the composition can have more form and direction as you play. Notes and other settings can also be added.

The composition sketch is a guide. Not the exact notes or structure so deviations will occur. The extent of that is with the player.



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