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Carbon Tax

12 July 2011 Leave a comment

Getting back into video I thought I would create a jumble based on the speech by PM Julia Gillard on the proposed introduction of a carbon tax.

I used Final Cut Pro X to edit the video and that was quite fast and easy. Import the main video file, make selection from the clip in the event window and then drag them down to the  story line. I could have sub clipped them by tagging the selection with keyword but it really was not required for this instance. I was looling for the join clip command but that is against the ethos of the program. Instead you create a new compound clip. The overall clip was exported then imported to Studio Artist which create the effects one frame at a time which takes time. The audio was separated and I used NI Absynth for the effects. This would really drag down the performance of Final Cut.

While Final Cut works fairly well in some circumstance it does not feel like a application for professional. Even when all the bugs are worked out and features put in I think that the appearance and style of Final Cut will not make it appealing to the professional editor. This may have an impact on the third party addons which Apple seemed to hope will lift it back into professional consideration. If the perception is that Final Cut is now for the YouTube crowd then the high end add-on market will cut back its support because there will be less demand. A personal or amateur video creator will not be buying add-ons and services that cost more than the program. This will also affect the trainers which will need to pitch to the lower end users.

On the carbon tax I actually think the carbon tax is a good idea. It will be a more controllable system than a trading scheme which if it gets some trading acceptance will be gamed  by the quants in the finance industry. It will have less cost impact on people than the GST.

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