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Final Cut Pro X issues – Steve Jobs does not edit video

28 June 2011 Leave a comment

Final Cut Pro X is nominally aimed at a user such as myself that does video occasionally both at home and at work. From home I am one of  the, what video professional call somewhat derisively, Youtube set. At work it is a one, occasionally two cameras and straightforward editing which I don’t do that often. I somewhat discounted the professional issues because at this stage you would not be rushing to use the program until after some training at at least after the initial patches.

But even for me FCP X is problematic. I get the feeling that it is trying to be too clever. I liked the previous track based system where you could park you video and move it around. It is not an issue if gaps occur because you will see the back holes as you preview the video so I am not enamoured with the magnetic tracks. They work but do they solve a real problem?

Same with meta data. I don’t use that many clips and the one I do are related to specific projects in the folder structure I devise. I don’t really need a global library with meta data.

Background rendering especially with text/tiles used, drags performance of my 4 core i7 iMac to a crawl at times. The titles themselves have dubious inspectors which a more fiddly to use then the inspectors in previous editions of FCP. In some cases they panels just keep closing up and not sure what is being selected.

The text in the title renders a bit fuzzy. I will be round tripping to  After Effects in future for text and where the control is more interface control is more consistent.

You need to leave the auto audio helpers well alone at this stage. Somehow they detected a hum which I clicked to fix but that just took out some key frequencies and there was no hum. The auto music improvement option just pushed the track into the red. I still need to see if audiounit plugsins are supported.

When I did finish the movie I tried the export to Youtube but that failed. So I did the standard export and browser upload.

Lets hope it will improve……..

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