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Journal: 29 March 2011 – Getting control with Maschine, iPad and a new tune

29 March 2011 Leave a comment

New Music: With one old rock MIDI file, sliced by Synfire and dragged into place with sounds by Reason we have Tuesday on the Levee:

Maschine: Version 1.6 of the software is released and it is working really well. The big item is the ability to include AU/VST plugins and what is really good is that the controls of the plug in are mapped to Maschine knobs. This makes Maschine a great controller as well as being an excellent drum machine.

This works really well with “The Finger” since all the controls are mapped and you can twist the night away. Some really interesting effects chains can be created with plug ins and internal effects with inserts and sends.

There are also workflow improvements and with the ability to rename more items handy.

Native Instruments also added Komplete Elements which I have most of the things with Komplete but now I am evem more complete with added ensembles and Kore things.

Congratulations to Native Instruments who have shown a real ongoing commitment to Maschine.

iPad MIDI controllers These are a mixed bag:

Hexachrome is my favourite way for some quick harmonic note and chord entry.
StepPolyArp is a handy arpeggiator.
Amos cannot establish a connection so does not work at all
Koushion is like the Tonori-on but has timing issues. It requires a DAW to start and stop.

What is also a bit messy is there is no standard WIFI midi connection software used on the Mac. Hexachrome uses OScullator, StepPolyArp and Amos use DSMIDIWIFI and Koushan has its own piece of software. There should be a standard.

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Journal: 4 Jan 11

4 January 2011 Leave a comment

Theory and Practise: The Breakbeat Bible (Mike Adamo)
The Facebook page which links to many of the songs mentioned in the book.

This is using drum pattens in Maschine which I find is good not just for the getting to know drumming patterns but also practise in using the Maschine hardware. (Though I do use step mode.)

Element 10 – kick drum playing more than 2 16th notes in a row
Element 11 – broken 16th note triplets on kick and or snare
Element 12 – unison drumming
Element 13 – super imposing a 3 16th note phrase between the kick and the snare in 4/4 time
and then doing beats with everything.

Going through the manual with iPad Rebirth is making songs with song mode and pattern editing.

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Generic pattern sheet

20 December 2010 1 comment

patten sheet
This is a generic patten sheet I created from a modified TB303 pattern sheet. I got the idea from a post by dyLAB (via createdigitalmusic) on a composition challenge which has TB303 sheet. The details n the sheet did not quite match the available settings on the Bassline app on my iPhone so I started to modify the sheet. Since I also do a lot of work with Maschine I thought a 8 x 16 grid might work better.

In addition to the standard single bar for an instrument the sheet could also be used for multiple instruments. A bass line at the top and a basic drum pattern below just ot sketch out an idea on how they may work together.

If you are working with scenes the first row could be kits and the 1-16 grid could be scene selections

There is a 2 x 3 PDF if any one want one by email.

Traktor- clarifying the goals for the project

7 February 2010 Leave a comment

At the moment I am getting a bit lost in all the possibilities with Traktor and all the mappings and effects settings. While a lot of things are possible I need to clarify what I want to accomplish.

The main directions are to emphasize cue jumping to restructure the music with some effects and EQ to add a bit of impact.

So the mapping for Maschine will be:

The default Trackor mapping plus:

  • Moving the modifier keys to the pad control buttons.
  • Use the temp knob as a basic X-Fader (possibly tranistion the Mid frequencies rather than the Low frequencies)
  • remap the effects loading buttons and set the default values.
  • change the loop move to + and – 1 bar.

This should also make the maintenance of the working mapping easier. The small window in Traktor for mapping controllers is very restrictive once you start adding in a lot of additional functions.

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Project: Maschine controlling Tractor – Default template and map

25 January 2010 4 comments

The first part of the project is a list of the current mapped Traktor functions in the default Maschine template.

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