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Reason and Numerology

26 April 2011 Leave a comment

Reason:MIDI is a bit inconsistent with Reason (the program not an explanation). Numerology 2 can be set up a control surface for Reason. This setup works well. Reason responds to MIDI and CC data from Numerology and can also record it just like any hardware interface.

The negative thing is that Reason applies all MIDI event data to the selected controller so that multiple controllers in Numerology will send out all their data to the one selected instrument in Reason. This means you would work with one instrument at a time.

Alternatively if you have Record you can use Numerology as a software interface with Advance Setting in Reason and route different channels to different instruments. The audio from these MIDI channels can be routed to Audio channels for recording.

The other disappointment is that the Maschine controller works with Reason only with difficulty which is really not worth the effort.

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Project AC Toolbox: A Simple Song

24 August 2010 2 comments

Two videos on using AC Toolbox and its algorithmic functions to create a simple song. The songs are recorded in Live with Reason via rewire as the instruments. I really like using the Soul School and Polar Elements refills (see below). What I did not like was that while recording something set off Dr Rex who started playing for a few bars the whole loop. This means the Soundcloud examples are not what was constructed in the video.


AC Toolbox
Polar Elements
Propellerheads Soul School

Project: Maschine controlling Tractor – Default template and map

25 January 2010 4 comments

The first part of the project is a list of the current mapped Traktor functions in the default Maschine template.

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