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Tracks with Sector

11 March 2014 Leave a comment

Sector (iOS Kymatica) creates interesting tracks by dividing a loop into sectors and providing the ability to jump to any other sector given a probability of that jump.

The examples given tend to use the full probability future where any sector jumps to any other. A more directed approach also provides interesting tracks. The aim of the directed approach is to combine repetition with variation. A track with too much variation can seem jumbled while too little variation will be bland.

For example; with a loop in Sector with 16 sections. 1 – 8 form part A and 9 -16 form part B. Sector 8 has a 50% chance to jump to sector  9 and 50% chance to jump back to sector 1. Sector 16 has a 50% chance to jump to sector  1 and 50% chance to jump back to sector 9. This with break the sequence from A B to AABABBAAABA depending on how the probabilities fall. Changing the probabilities leads to further directions. The jumps within the sections provide additional variation so the sequence is more like A A’ B A” B” A”’ B”’ A””.

From there 3 and 4 section can be used with variations to the probabilities. A sequence could be A c B c A where c is a transition sector. A section A ends there is a probability to go to section c which will go to section B . Likewise at the end of section B there is a probability to section c which then go to section . Alternatively there could be sections A B C where there a different probabilities to jump into those sectors. In all these examples the sections A will sound different from B but similar to each other which provides the continuity.

The ability to change the play back wave forms and their probability of occurrence provides addition variation which is important  for the transition sections.

With 4 possible sector mappings, 4 sequence mappings and the ability to set four sectors as triggers you can play Sector by setting up alternative mappings and sequences and moving between them.


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My Disquiet Junto set on Soundcloud

18 March 2013 Leave a comment

I often do the Disquiet Junto projects depending on if the final song is up to standard. Some of the projects I don’t get into if since they often seem to be just sound rather than music based.

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Project AC Toolbox: A Simple Song

24 August 2010 2 comments

Two videos on using AC Toolbox and its algorithmic functions to create a simple song. The songs are recorded in Live with Reason via rewire as the instruments. I really like using the Soul School and Polar Elements refills (see below). What I did not like was that while recording something set off Dr Rex who started playing for a few bars the whole loop. This means the Soundcloud examples are not what was constructed in the video.


AC Toolbox
Polar Elements
Propellerheads Soul School

Live project: Changing metamorphosis

15 August 2010 Leave a comment

Torley has many videos on how to play pieces on the piano and his video on Phillip Glass got me thinking on the structure on the music so with a midi file, Logic and Live I experimented notably with Live follow actions.

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AC Toolbox project: Serialism

15 August 2010 Leave a comment

This was inspired by an rachMiel in a recent issue of Computer Music magazine. RachMiel wrote that the composition process was “tedious”  so rather than going through that tedium I thought that some functions could be used.

This is the full piece on SoundCloud:

The Mojo

22 January 2010 Leave a comment

Moldover, a speaker at the NAMM conversation below, has now created The MOJO, a DJ controller to his own specifications. With only 20 being made the price of US$1800 is understandable though not a whimsical purchase. Also check out his new album which come with an electronic music instrument and lots of circuit diagrams.

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Peter Aidu plays Steve Reich’s “Piano Phase”…

22 January 2010 Leave a comment

thanks Waveformless

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