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FWA – the cull

2 July 2012 Leave a comment

My song about the staff losses at FWA.

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Connecting Reason/Record to Nodal

23 May 2011 Leave a comment

This is for Mac OS (This should be similar for Windows but there will a different procedure to create a MIDI device.)

This applies broadly to other software which generates MIDI events.
(This is how I have got it to work. If you know of easier ways please let me know.)

Step 0 is creating as IAC device in the MIDI window of the Utilities/

Propellerhead’s Reason/Record (R/R) distinguish between normal hardware and software inputing MIDI events.

Nominal Hardware – all channel event to one R/R instrument

In R/R there is a preference category Keyboard and Control Services in which hardware keyboards and control surfaces are detected or specified. If you want to add a new device select the Add button then select the Manufacturer and then a specified keyboard.

Step 1. To use Nodal in this role first select Select “MIDI Control Keyboard ” (There is a “Multi Channel Control Keyboard” option but in my tests there is no advantage in selecting this. The manual does not mention this option. )

  • 1.1 Rename this something relevant like “NODAL”
  • 1.2 MIDI Input will be one of the buses created in the IAC device.
  • 1.3 Make sure the “Use with Record” box is ticked.

Step 2. Select an instrument in the Arrange section of R/R. This is the instrument to which all MIDI events will be sent. All channels. So if you have a Nodal page with multiple instruments to multiple channels all the MIDI notes will go here. Which is probably not want you want. However you could separately go through each Nodal channel in turn and record the MIDI to different selected instruments.

(Addition note for NI Maschine. this hardware in not recognised by R/R)

Software – for multiple channels
This is not really recommend by Propellerheads but is usable.

Step 1. In R/R preferences select Advanced Control. You can connect up to four R/R buses up to separate IAC buses. In general you only need the first.

  • 1.1 You can also select an external clock sync.

Step 2. In the R/R rack select the “Advance MIDI button”. This will show you the R/R bus and the IAC connected bus. Each separate channel can be assigned to a seperate instrument. This will get the sound from multi instrument playing but does not record the MIDI events. You can record the audio if you have Record.
(This does not preclude having Nodal as a hardware device at the same time.)

Step 3. (Assuming Record) Each instrument has an associated Mix channel with the same name. Click the disclosure triangle to the left of the coloured name. This will show more of the VU meter. There is a small button now showing underneath the VU meter labelled “Rec Source”. Click this to be able to record the source from this channel to Audio channel

Step 4. Create an Audio Channel, possibly one for each instrument. Click it’s disclosure triangle to select the source. Click the Audio Input triangle. Select stereo and select the the name of the Mix channel. (You could use mono and left channel if the instrument is mono.)

Step 5. Arm tracks and select Record. Shift+click to arm multiple audio channel. Click Record and click Nodal start and you should see waveform appearing on correct R/R channels.

Rewire – if you have a Rewire Host then this is the better. Ableton Live has the most transparent implementation.
That described on the Propellerheads site and in the manuals. (See: )

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Reason and Numerology

26 April 2011 Leave a comment

Reason:MIDI is a bit inconsistent with Reason (the program not an explanation). Numerology 2 can be set up a control surface for Reason. This setup works well. Reason responds to MIDI and CC data from Numerology and can also record it just like any hardware interface.

The negative thing is that Reason applies all MIDI event data to the selected controller so that multiple controllers in Numerology will send out all their data to the one selected instrument in Reason. This means you would work with one instrument at a time.

Alternatively if you have Record you can use Numerology as a software interface with Advance Setting in Reason and route different channels to different instruments. The audio from these MIDI channels can be routed to Audio channels for recording.

The other disappointment is that the Maschine controller works with Reason only with difficulty which is really not worth the effort.

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Journal: 15 March 2011 – Revision

15 March 2011 Leave a comment

Reason I had another session with Reason/Record and I am becoming comfortable with it. I always liked the sound of Reason so I will focus on using Record/Reason as my principle DAW. This will enable me to concentrate on one technology and not wander around the new pieces of gear.

The revision in today’s title comes from pulling out all my Reason resources and going over them to really understand the program. I am also going over the lessons in “Composing Music” by William Russo.

Nucleus Sound Lab is releasing a new refill concentrating on guitar sounds. Not the standard patch but seriously well twisted and very usable.

Podcast Listening to Dr KEWL. The name is so right.

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Journal: 8 March 2011- OSC is not the most reliable

8 March 2011 Leave a comment

Controls: TouchOsc is the iPad program which has controls allegedly connecting via WIFI to the instruments and DAW on your computer. I say allegedly because not\ matter what I tried I could not establish a connection between TouchOsc and Oscullator which translates the OSC messages to MIDI messages. Using a TouchOSC template, with what I think, are the right connections established there should have values appearing in Oscullator when the TouchOsc controls are moved but there is nothing. It may well be small thing I have missed but i can’t see how or why or what.

I know that Oscullator works because it works with the HecaChrome iPad controller most of the time. Osculator is recognised by Reason as a MIDI controller so that the messages can recorded. (Thanks Peff – see how to )

TouchOsc worked once by connecting directly to Logic Pro Studio with the LogicPad layout. Once.

It is very frustrating when your setup fails but you see others working especially as the hours pass by with no result.

Recording: I was just playing around with Rebirth on the iPad yesterday and recording a song using my DAWs. I really want to like Record but I can’t. It records well enough but the post recording work flow is clumsy especially the audio routing. I think this is partly to do the the effort in trying to simulate cabling with internal routing. In Live especially the audio routing is straightforward by just selecting a drop down box to the channel you want. It is much the same with Logic Pro. In the comparison with Logic and Live for recording I tend towards Logic because of the larger range of audio tools and I like Flex.

However with MIDI, with my AC Toolbox projects for example, I prefer the Live & Reason via Rewire combination. Live because of the straightforward midi routing and midi tools and Reason because I like the instruments. Using rewire also give the option of using VST/AU plugs. I think Reason works well without them.

A lot of mucking about this week with no solid result.

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Journal: 14 Feb 11 – Piano piece using transition tables

14 February 2011 Leave a comment

Project – Transition tables with AC Toolbox: My original plan was something different by I went back to my work with Tchaikovsky using his original work to create a new piece based on the probability of notes in the original work and the probabilities of moving to next notes using a transition table.

The created MIDI file was then imported into Synfire for harmonisation. The instrumentation was with Reason pianos with some effects just for fun.

Game – Auditorium This is a fun musical puzzle game. The game is reviewed by IGN for the PS3 and there is a iPhone version as well.

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Journal: 7 Feb 11 – Fragments of Chaos and Reason

7 February 2011 Leave a comment

Project: I was thinking about chaos which lead me to experiment with the chaos generation function in AC Toolbox. The results are on SoundCloud:

AC toolbox settings:

Clock: 120
Rhythm: (convert (roessler 1 0.5 1 6 1) 11 -1 3)
Pitch: (convert (roessler 4 3 1 12 2) 4 c2 c5)
Velocity: mf

Clock: 200
Rhythm: 1
Pitch: (convert (roessler 4 3 1 12 2) 4 c2 c5)
Velocity: mf

Clock: 120
Rhythm: (convert (henon 0.0 0.2 1.4 0.3 10) 500 1.0 4.0)
Pitch: (convert (henon 0.3 0.2 1.4 0.3 1) 500 c2 c5)
Velocity: mf

Clock: (bpm 120)
Rhythm: (convert (logist 0.2 3.9 4 1) 50 1 8 )
Pitch: (convert (logist 0.22 3.8 5 1) 50 c3 c5)
Velocity: (convert (logist 0.22 3.8 5 1) 50 c3 c5)
Note: This is longer at 100 bars. The tune also uses a atmospheric patch which inherently adds a bit more depth.

The result with using these chaos functions is mixed. There is more periodic repetition however there is a fairly narrow range of values in each function which provides continual variation. Often the results just decay to a static line or lines.

Reason/Record: I am getting back into using Reason with Record. A difficulty did arise in trying to record the songs created from external software midi. The solution is:

    • 1. Create an instrument track in record
    • 2. Specify the instrument not the surrounding Record track wrapper as the target for the midi in the advanced settings.
    • 3. Create and name a Mix track
    • 4. Wire the output from the instrument Mix enclosure to the input of the of the new Mix track.
    • 5. Click the little button marked “Rec Source” on the VU meter to record.
    • 6. Create an Audio track
    • 7. Select the Mix channel from Audio sources drop down menu. (It wiuld be easier if the Audio channels had input plugs.)

The sound can now be recorded on the audio channel.It does work but seems fiddly compared to the quick and easy channel selection in Ableton Live.

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