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Journal: 8 Feb 11 – Dingsaller – iPad app

8 February 2011 1 comment


iPad app Dingsaller is a join-the-nodes music workspace. A simplified Plogue Bidule or Max/MSP. In its current state the basics are there and works well with an occasional crash. (An update is soon to be released.) There is a clock (Tock) to send out time signals, seven midi note generators/modifiers, three instruments, three effects and three control units.

For playing there is a keyboard for adding notes and a X/Y box, sliders and tilt controls to modify the tune.

The editing of the nodes and sliding access to the dialog boxes works well in a touch environment. It is quick to learn and use.

What is needed next is more of everything. More effects, more random methods, more sequences and more instruments with more controls. The current groups are very limited. A SimpleSampler is included so additional sample can be uploaded via iTunes however the sampler is more for single hits than patterns.

It is worth the purchase price and I look forward for its future development.

Dingsaller at iTunes

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