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Project AC Toolbox: A Simple Song

24 August 2010 2 comments

Two videos on using AC Toolbox and its algorithmic functions to create a simple song. The songs are recorded in Live with Reason via rewire as the instruments. I really like using the Soul School and Polar Elements refills (see below). What I did not like was that while recording something set off Dr Rex who started playing for a few bars the whole loop. This means the Soundcloud examples are not what was constructed in the video.


AC Toolbox
Polar Elements
Propellerheads Soul School


Amen to video

24 January 2010 Leave a comment

DJ tech tools has a good page on the drum loop  Amen break. The included video link is the uncredited work of Nate Harrison who also did the Bassline Bassline video on the 303.

The Nate Harrison project page.

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