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Traktor- clarifying the goals for the project

7 February 2010 Leave a comment

At the moment I am getting a bit lost in all the possibilities with Traktor and all the mappings and effects settings. While a lot of things are possible I need to clarify what I want to accomplish.

The main directions are to emphasize cue jumping to restructure the music with some effects and EQ to add a bit of impact.

So the mapping for Maschine will be:

The default Trackor mapping plus:

  • Moving the modifier keys to the pad control buttons.
  • Use the temp knob as a basic X-Fader (possibly tranistion the Mid frequencies rather than the Low frequencies)
  • remap the effects loading buttons and set the default values.
  • change the loop move to + and – 1 bar.

This should also make the maintenance of the working mapping easier. The small window in Traktor for mapping controllers is very restrictive once you start adding in a lot of additional functions.

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